Ask one hundred gun enthusiasts which is the best handgun, and you’re likely to get one hundred different answers. Or, you may get a question back… like, “For what purpose?” or “Pistol or revolver?”

I’m relatively new to handguns, having bought my first one in 2010. I was lucky to have a relative who was knowledgeable, unbiased, and who took the time to explain handgun basics and differences to me. Most importantly, he taught me about handgun safety.

If it wasn’t for that family member, I’m not sure I would have gotten on the right track. That’s because there seems to be a lack of clear, concise, unbiased, easy-to-understand information for gun novices out there. I thought there should be a better – and easier – way to learn the basics.

Hence, BestHandgun.com was born. This site attempts to provide helpful information for people interested in learning more or considering the purchase of their first handgun. It also allows experienced gun owners to review and comment on all the best handguns in various categories:

Best Handgun for Beginners

Best Handgun for Women

Best Handgun for Self Defense

Best Handgun for Home Defense

Best Concealed Carry Handgun

Best Pistol

Best Revolver

If you are new to handguns, a great place to start is Handgun Basics.

If you are an experienced handgun owner, I encourage you to comment on the handguns that are already on the site. If you don’t see a gun on the site and want to post a review on it, go to the Contact page and email me your review. I’ll be in contact to get a photo of your gun and then I’ll make it live.

You can read about recent happenings that may be of interest on our News page.

I welcome your comments.

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