November 11, 2017
VIDEO: Military Officer Shoots/Kills Robbers in Brazil While Holding Child. 


May 3, 2017
Best use of a phone’s camera I’ve seen in a long time… documenting burglars at gunpoint. Click on the photo for the full story.


January 11, 2017
This is What Happens When You’re Dumb Enough to Rob a Gun Shop.


December 17, 2016
Teen shoots Intruder in His Living Room. Intruder = Deer.



November 8, 2016
Smith & Wesson Wants to Change its Name…



October 19, 2016
Marine Corps Special Operations Command replaces its custom .45 pistols with the Glock 19….



October 5, 2016
Atlanta home invader gets more than he bargained for…



September 23, 2016
Georgia woman has a surprise for thugs that broke into her home. Click the image to witness the beauty of the 2nd amendment in all its glory: