Magnum Research Desert Eagle

The Desert Eagle rose to fame as the “cool looking” gun in countless movies and video games. In reality this is a big, heavy pistol that has a lot flexibility, can be customized by the buyer, and is a ton of fun to shoot.

What you see in the first photo is a .50 caliber Desert Eagle in White Tiger Stripe finish with a 6″ barrel. The other photo shows the conversion of this pistol to .44 Magnum, which is done by simply swapping out the barrel and magazine. This .44 Magnum barrel is black, which gives this particular configuration a unique look.

The .50 caliber cartridge packs a wallop – you can find many videos out there of how people handle the recoil – but this Desert Eagle weighs in at whopping 5 pounds (!) and incorporates a gas-operated ejection/chambering mechanism normally found in rifles, both of which make recoil much more manageable than, say, a .50 caliber S&W500 revolver.

Magnum Research offers many finishes, including titanium gold, gold tiger stripe, white matte distressed, among others.

The manufacturer recommends certain ammo for the Desert Eagle (lead can clog the gas release tap, preventing proper function) as well as a certain shooting stance for optimal performance.

The size and weight of this mammoth makes it a tough gun to carry concealed. It’s more appropriate for home defense, hunting, or shooting for fun at the range.

But fun doesn’t come cheap with the Desert Eagle. Prices start around $1,800 and can go north of $3,000, depending on the finish and configuration.


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