Sig Sauer P232

The most beautiful handgun ever? Ok, I know this pistol is modeled after the Walther PP… but I’d venture to say Sig Sauer did it one better. This gun is gorgeous, especially in all stainless. And yes, it’s only a .380, but man does it feel good in the hand (especially with the Hogue grips shown here). This pistol is accurate too – maybe in part because of the low recoil and near-perfect hand ergonomics. This is a relatively small gun, and can be used for everyday carry – but note that the all stainless variety is a bit heavy. Some might think the caliber is too small for self defense, but as accurate as this gun is, and with the awesome night sights, I have no qualms with it on my hip or in the bedside table drawer.


3 thoughts on “Sig Sauer P232

  1. The P232 is a beauty, but the accuracy is awesome. It is an everyday carry, and with high tech ammo provides confidence. Sturdy and so easy to maintain, endless rounds at the range only make this Sig jewel. No longer produced, so if you find one, grab it.

  2. Eric, I couldn’t agree more. The P232 is such a sweet shooter… and accurate as hell. I didn’t even hear about the discontinuation until your post… but now I see scarcity on the “for sale” sites and prices going up….

  3. I have been carrying this gun, owned 3 or 4 since mid 90s. Love it, love it, love it! The gun and ammo isn’t any good unless you hit your target. With this one you will. May not have all the capacity and firepower in the world but when was CC holder in a Hollywood style shoot-out. According to some stats cops average hitting a target the first time at 80% the second shot drops to the 30s. So why carry a Glock 17 with 20 rounds? Leave that in your bug-out bag. With threats within 10 feet, a double tap with the P232 loaded with HST Micro rounds will do the job very well.

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