Sig Sauer P238

Possibly the best overall concealed carry weapon?

This is one sweet little semi-auto pistol. And the operative word here is “little”. (Or is it “sweet”??) At just under 5.5” in length, 3.9” in height, and weighing less than a pound, this gun can be easily and comfortably concealed. The P238 eats .380 ACP cartridges, and that fact will inevitably generate discussion as to whether or not that size caliber is “big enough” for self-defense. Let me just mention that in order to be an effective self-defense weapon, you need to be able to hit your target with it. This weapon is extremely accurate, and has very little recoil. That makes it a very good self-defense carry gun for just about anyone, even people with small/weak hands. I’ve put 300 rounds through mine without a hiccup. This Sig comes in a wide variety of styles. I’ve posted a photo of mine in the Nitron finish with aftermarket grips. Not a bad look, I think. I also have Kingswood grips, and posted a photo of it wearing those too, as well as the original ones from Sig (of which I’m not a fan). I really love this gun and it is my primary concealed carry. It’s not cheap, but I do believe that you get what you pay for. Do you own or have you shot this gun? What do you think?


4 thoughts on “Sig Sauer P238

  1. i purchased this firearm the day i purchased my georgia ccw permit. i carried the gun every day for almost three years. after a while you forget it is there, its just another piece of equipment that goes in your pocket like your wallet and cell. since i moved to California it mostly just sits on my bedside table. but iv put probably 5000 rounds of some of the dirtiest ammo through this gun and have yet to have and malfunctions. maybe a feed problem here or there in every 200 rounds, but the gun does what it was built to do 99.99% of the time. it fits your hand like your hand was designed around the shape of the gun, and not the other way around. the night sights are amazing. when i wake up in the night and look to my side, i see the three little dots glowing. the best nightlight in the world. if your thinking of buying a cc firearm this is the one you want. this my be a tad on the expensive side, but its worth its weight in gold. i give this gun a 5.5/5.

    Ted- Rock River Ar15, Mossberg 500, Marlin Model 60, Ruger Blackhawk, Walther PP, Sig Sauer P238, Smith and Wesson model 469

  2. I bought the 938 a few months ago. If I get my CCW it will be my go to gun as it disappears in my Levi’s pocket. Six in one mag and seven in another. Oh yes, it’s damn accurate from 15 to 25 yds. No problem keeping them in the black on a bullseye target. That’s good enough to deal with an attacker. I just think a 9mm chrono’d at 1114 ft.sec will be o.k.

    I would imagine the 380 would do the job as well, after all we’re not shooting at football field distances.

    1. With Lehigh or Underwood all copper cartridges, the wound channel is doubled, and penetration well beyond 12″ in clear gel. Don’t need anything more than that.

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