Llama MiniMax 9mm

Llama Mini Max 9mm

The 1911 is one of the most distinguished gun designs in the world. It’s served our armed forces from the trenches, to the beaches, to the deserts and jungles. The 1911 has found service once again with the United States Marine Corps special ops troops.

Many manufacturers produce 1911-style handguns. The design is simple, reliable and is an example of beautiful ergonomics. Although it’s an excellent combat pistol, its size usually makes it hard to conceal for day-to-day carry. Llama introduced their mini 1911, the MiniMax, to fill the gap, chambered in the lighter-recoiling 9mm.

This pistol features great ergonomics, with a much shorter barrel. The weapon is very easy to conceal, but it rather heavy. This does help tame the recoil of an already soft-recoiling 9mm. The sights are small, but easy to use for short range point shooting and self-defense style encounters.

The trigger is excellent, as most 1911 triggers are. The safety is large and easy to engage; meaning carrying “locked and cocked” is practical. The Llama MiniMax is an old design with a modern take in an easy to control package. The light recoil, and reliable operating system, combined with easy-to-conceal portability creates a nice, solid package for 1911 lovers.


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