Smith & Wesson 640

The S&W 640 is a small (J-frame) 5-shot revolver intended for concealed carry. It’s chambered in powerful .357 mag, but can also shoot lighter .38 special and +P. A concealed hammer and smooth lines eliminate snags on clothing when drawing. Stainless steel frame, barrel and cylinder adds weight to this small piece which reduces recoil – especially important when shooting .357 mag – but still keeps it comfortable to carry. A short 2″ barrel and total width of only 1.3″ adds to concealability. This little gun is a great choice for a first time buyer who is looking for a reliable, easy to use/maintain revolver for carrying. No magazine, no hammer, no takedown and oiling needed. Just point and shoot when you need to! If you do want to customize a bit, changing grips is a breeze. See a smaller rosewood/pearl set on this gun below:



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