Ruger GP100 TALO Wiley Clapp

The Ruger GP100 is a robust line of revolvers with varying cartridges and barrel lengths. Pictured here is a special edition of the .357 Magnum 3″ barrel variety. Wiley Clapp is a former U.S. Marine and law enforcement officer who is also long-time and respected writer on the subject of guns. He influenced the design of this special edition, which incorporated rounded edges and sights that are snag-free, simple and effective. The finish is also unique, which Ruger calls “Hawkeye Blued Matte.” This is an awesome revolver for first-time gun buyers but is also coveted by enthusiasts and collectors as well. It is hefty, solid, reliable and fun to shoot. Carrying is doable, but you will need an appropriate holster that can manage the weight of this tank.


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