Smith & Wesson 1899


This gun is the classic K-frame revolver… mostly because it’s the first K-frame revolver. The 1899 was also essentially the first Military and Police revolver. Our troops carried this as one of the last revolvers issued to them. It was the gun that made the 38 special the round it is today. This particular example is ancient – over a hundred years old – but it’s a simple and reliable design. The six inch barrel gives the weapon great accuracy, and the trigger is superb. The old gun still functions perfectly.

The revolver is quite bare-bones when compared to modern revolvers; there is no shroud for the ejector, the sight is a simple blade, and the rear sight is a notch in the back strap. The cylinder is quite thick and over-built like a train. The smallish grips on the revolver do the job, but are nowhere near as comfortable as a modern design.

This turn of the century weapon has outlasted most people, and probably has seen more service than I can imagine. To this day it shoots true, the trigger is smooth, and it’s built like a tank…. so if it ever stops working you can still use it as a bludgeon.


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