Rossi 971


The .357 magnum is well known for its knock-down power and controllability. The .357 magnum load is an uncompromising combat load designed for self-defense and law enforcement.  The Rossi 971 is a carbon steel revolver based off the K-frame design and chambered for the aforementioned .357 magnum round.

Rossi is a firearms company based in Brazil that was purchased by Taurus not too long ago. The 971 has always been one of Rossi’s more popular firearms. The 971 is a medium frame, six shot revolver that comes in a variety of barrel lengths. The four inch is the most common variant and the one you see here.

The 971 features adjustable rear sights, excellent wooden grips, and a very fine finish. The Rossi is often considered a bare bones revolver, and is perfect as an entry level magnum-caliber handgun.  The double action trigger is heavy, but has a nice crisp break. The single action trigger is excellent, a quick and smooth break for each shot.

The .357 magnum round is powerful, but controllable. It will seem snappy to people used to automatics. The weapon is quite accurate though, in both double and single action mode. Any kind of rapid fire is going to compromise your accuracy far more than with a lighter recoiling 9mm round would.

The Rossi 971 uses standard K frame speed loaders, and is a perfect revolver for someone just getting into wheelguns.


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