Taurus Judge

The first thing you notice about the Taurus Judge is the size. This revolver looks like a solid hunk of steel, and it pretty much is. This weapon was clearly not designed to be concealed. Picking the weapon up you can definitely feel some heft, but you also feel a very comfortable ribbed rubber grip. The Judge fires the time tested and revolver proven 45 Colt cartridges, and the .410 shotgun round.

The ability to fire the .410 round is what makes the Judge so unique and where a lot of the size comes from. While the weapon is too hefty for concealed carry it’s perfect for an outdoorsman or hunters companion. The ability to chamber 45 colt, bird and buckshot gives the shooter a lot of variety. Snakes can be dispatched with birdshot and I’ve taken many a squirrel with my Judge and some number four birdshot. Buckshot and .45 Colt give you more serious power for bigger threats.

The weapon is quite pleasant to shoot. The weight reduces a lot of the recoil you’d expect, and the remaining recoil is made comfortable by the ribbed rubber grips. The weapon is designed for close range shooting and excels in being both easy to handle and powerful.


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