Taurus Polymer Protector


The advent of polymer frame handguns was a revolution for the firearms industry, but for the longest time was contained to automatics. Recently a few companies have begun to make a polymer frame revolver. Taurus is one of these companies.

This Polymer Protector is based off their model 85 .38 special. The weapon is about 85% polymer, and extremely lightweight. The design is a little blocky and bulky, but still quite compact. The only apparent metal parts you can see are the cylinder, the insides of the barrel and the trigger. In reality the internal mechanism is all metal supported by a polymer frame.

This is a five shot revolver and is double action with an exposed hammer for single action shots.  The grip is quite large, and it’s easy to fit three fingers on the grip. This large grip really helps handle the hotter 38 special +P loads, especially when it comes to such a lightweight revolver as this. Accuracy is typical from a snub nose revolver, you won’t be shooting bulls eye matches, but it’s plenty accurate for self-defense.

Taurus packs a lot of value into their handguns. You can get out the door with a new Polymer Protector for $280. That’s a deal that’s tough to beat.


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