Century Arms Draco NAK9

Draco NAK9

I own a few handguns. Okay, maybe more than a few. Each has its own plusses, minuses and personality. And each one fills a need, even if that need is just to have fun. Well, I have a fun firearm for you today folks… the Draco NAK9.

Built in Romania and chambered in 9mm, this Century Arms pistol is one cool-looking and fun gun to shoot. Those are real wood forends and a replacement Hogue grip, along with a 33-round Glock mag.

Yes, the NAK9 accepts Glock magazines, so you Glock fans don’t have to buy new mags for this gun. Customizing is easy, as most AKM-style modifications are a fit.

The weight of this gun (about 6.5 lbs.) along with the very manageable and inexpensive 9mm ammo makes shooting easy, fun and accurate. The blow-back operation is simple, strong and dependable.

Oh, I almost forgot… another great (maybe the best?) thing about the NAK9… you can get one for around $700 new.

One note: the NAK-9 comes with an Asian-built 33-round Glock-compatible magazine. I found this mag to be unreliable. If you plan to buy a NAK9, do yourself a favor and buy a factory Glock mag. You’ll have loads of fun, reliable shooting.


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