EEA Witness

EEA Witness

The EEA Witness is a CZ 75 clone with a polymer frame instead of CZ’s traditional metal frame. The weapon features all the same awesome ergonomics of the famous CZ 75. The EAA Witness comes in a variety of calibers, including 9mm, 40 Smith and Wesson,  45 ACP and 10mm. The calibers can be interchanged by just changing the barrel, slide, and magazine. There is also a .22 LR conversion, but as far as I know there is no standalone .22 LR model.

EEA produces some awesome beginner competition guns and this one is no different. The action is double action/single action with a very nice and smooth trigger pull. The barrel on the model tested was compensated, and chambered in 45 ACP. The recoil and muzzle rise felt like a 9mm with the porting.

The eight round magazines fed reliably, and never hand a hang up, with even the cheapest ammo. The sights were standard three dot, but got the job done. The controls featured an easy to use frame mounted safety and a pretty standard magazine ejection button, as well as a slim slide lock.

The weapon is also surprisingly light, and lends itself very nicely to concealed carry. It’s very comfortable in an inside the waistband holster, even though it’s full size. The porting is quite bright and makes an impressive fireball when shot at low light situations. My only complaint is magazine availability and how pricey they are when you find them.

The EEA is a great little gun, with a lot to offer in terms of different calibers. It’s also a great first gun for those interested, but on a budget. It’s budget friendly, decent quality.


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