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Bryco 38


The Bryco 38 is part of the tradition that companies like Raven and Jimenez started. They produced cheap semi-automatic handguns that have adopted the moniker of the Saturday Night Special. Both the cheap materials and cheap appearance of these firearms have given them an unjust reputation.

In my experience, these firearms always go bang when you pull the trigger. The Bryco 38 is no different. It is far from a great gun, but it is a cheap gun that works. The affordability of this gun offers the freedom to own a firearm to anyone.

The Bryco 38 is a semi-automatic .380 ACP handgun designed to be concealable. The Bryco does suffer from some terrible sights, but the weapon was made for close range shooting. It’s also quite heavy for a small gun, but this cuts some of the snappy recoil traditionally associated with tiny .380s. The trigger has a lot of slack, but breaks cleanly. The magazine holds six rounds giving you a total of seven with one in the chamber.

As I mentioned, the weapon is reliable as long as proper maintenance is applied. The weapon works best a little wet on the inside. These weapons do tend to pinch when cycling so you have to watch your hand. The Bryco 38 is not the weapon you buy to save money, it’s gun you buy because you don’t have the money. Choice used ones can be found for well under $100.


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