Heritage Rough Rider

Heritage Rough Rider

If you took a poll of gun enthusiasts about what sparked their interest you’d hear Westerns more than once. Guns and the romantic Old West we envision in films go hand in hand. Even if you didn’t poll gun enthusiasts, you could simply look at the fact they still produce revolvers based on a 150-year old design.

The Heritage Rough Rider continues this tradition, but in a small bore variant. The Rough Rider stays true to the classic single action army revolver. This is a great gun to teach someone to shoot or to feel to the experience of an Old West gun without the cost. The Rough Rider is chambered in 22 LR and 22 Magnum. In fact, the revolver comes with both a Long Rifle and a Magnum cylinder.

The weapon is a great little plinker or even a good little hunter when loaded with Magnum rounds. This is a great beginner’s pistol – easy to use, accurate, easy to clean, and affordable to shoot.  The trigger comes in at 6lbs, and with a barrel length of 6.5 inches it produces tight groups with the cheapest ammo. There is also a safety installed which may annoy some purists but makes the weapon much safer to teach new shooters, and establishes good safety habits. This is the little Cowboy gun that can.


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